Monday 13 June 2016

11-year old Anna  is standing on the stage of Mayisyan (Mayisyan village, Armavir province) secondary school and presenting her heartfelt thanks and regards to the initiative changing her life and lives of many children in Mayisyan village. 5 years ago on that special day a preschool opened its doors to 5-6 year old children like her and from that day the preschool has become the brightest corner of their childhood. 

It was in 2011, that Save the Children in Armenia established an Early Childhood Care & Development Center (ECCD) at Mayisyan village within “Action for Child Health & Education” project. 

“The ECCD services are designed to support young children during the most important period of their lives and critical stage of human development. Given the importance of this period of life for any children, it is vital to ensure access to interventions that can help them in reaching their full potential”, said Sr. Manager, Program Implementation, Iren Sargsyan.

“I could not imagine that the poorest corner of our school could become such a joyful room for us. Save the Children really saved our children”, says Anna, who is now a 5th grade student. The preschool was entirely renovated, furnished and equipped with necessary educational materials and supplies. The school’s sanitary conditions have been improved through renovation and provision of 24/7 running water and functioning sewerage system in two schools and one preschool toilet.

“The preschool provided very smooth transition from ECCD to school, as a result, children managed their fears of attending school and learnt basic behavioral and cognitive skills to be more independent and ready for realizing their full potential at school”, said School Principle, Mr. Petrosyan. 

On 20 May, 2016 Save the Children staff was invited to participate in a festive ceremony of Mayisyan’s Preschool 5th Anniversary. The event was honored by the village mayor, representatives of marzpetaran, active NGOs in Armavir province.  

Due to school principals enthusiasm and devotion to raising young generation the preschool yard was renovated and provided with carousels, the canteen of the school is providing hot meal to preschool and primary school students, the village mayor sponsors the second group of preschool classes. The community strives to open a kindergarten.  A close collaboration has been established with international organizations, local NGOs and different development agencies active in the community. It is due to the community’s high sense of ownership that the preschool operates, develops and occupies more and more safe and important place in the hearts of children in Mayisyan.